Thermode(thermocouple) ,heater tip(hot bar)


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We manufacture highly durable tungsten / molybdenum Thermode(thermocouple) ,heater tip(hot bar) using technology cultivated over 75 years of precision welding.

We can support a wide range of Thermode(thermocouple) ,heater tip(hot bar) from standard shapes that are compatible with Japan Avionics Co., Ltd. pulse heat units (NA-111, NA-112) to detailed specifications that meet your needs.

Product Line


Height : 15mm  Width : 11mm  Thickness : 1.6mm


Height : 15mm  Width : 11mm  Thickness : 1.6mm


Height : 15mm  Width : 11mm  Thickness : 1.6mm


Height : 15mm  Width : 11mm  Thickness : 1.6mm

All products are available with detailed specifications according to customer requirements.

We also support other shapes.

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Features of our Thermode

Stable voltage measurement by precision welding of 80 microns

When measuring our products, there is almost no shaking in the waveform. The rise is fast and the voltage is stable.

Reduce overload by reducing the amount of overshoot

Stable voltage measurement leads to stable feedback. By reducing the amount of overshoot that exceeds the set temperature, the extra load on the work is eliminated.

Long-term use possible due to strong welding technology for base material and Thermode(thermocouple) ,heater tip(hot bar)

The weld part of the tungsten base material and thermocouple can be used approximately 400,000 times.(Measured at own factory:AVIO MODEL TCW-115A operated continuously for 2 months)

Tungsten is harder than molybdenum and can be used for a long time, but the welded part may peel off.

At our company, we have greatly increased the number of times the Thermode using tungsten is used using our original technology.

Main customer

Olympus Corporation (Japan)

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Japan)

Fujitsu Isotec Limited (Japan)

MUNEKATA Co., LTD. (Japan)

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